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Dear Satan

Diar Satan,

Ai em vraiting to you because aim a gud kid, instid mai englis ticer sais thet aim not gud at inglis. Ai want tu tel iu thet aim in love with oane of mai clasrum meits. She has priti grin eies and when i’m luking intu those eies i fil veri hepi. And uen aimheving sex with her, i olso fil veri hepi.

Satan, uen i uas iaungar, i believed in iu. Then, mai mother told me thet iu are only an invention, and Basescu Traian is the real ting. Bicaus of him, ue hev nau moni nau, so Satan uil not com to us this Cristmas.

But iu, mai dear ridar, iu can make a famili veri hepi. Iu can doneite! What du iu hev tu do?! Jast gau to the closest BCR ofis thet iu hev in iour zone. Gau and nau tell to the uaman at the gisheu thet iu want to meic a donasion at contu’:

RO71 RNCB 0106 0648 8843 0001

I uil be veri hepi. Ivan hepier then Hapi the riverwoman… she have har cristismas presents, but si wont reciv a donation laic me.

But ueit, wtf?! If iu uant to meic a donasion, iu nau hev tu reciv the agreement/accept of that account user. Wtf? i have just said here thet if iu want tu donate moni for me, i wil gladly accept them. There is no reason for mai banc to call and bother me, if ai want to accept te transfer that iu, Icsulescu, want to make to mai account.

So, mai diar Satan! Fuck the Romanian Banching sistem. Liberate it!

I uil show u love, when i uil recieve mai cristmas presant! Gud bai for nau!

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